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Mathew D. Friedberg Law Firm has been providing legal, judicial, and extra-judicial services in the civil law sector for over forty years, responding to client demands with high professionalism, dependability, and efficiency.

We provide multidisciplinary consulting and help local and foreign clients, including private persons and businesses. Our attorneys' partnership with notaries, accountants, architects, and other referred specialists enables us to advise our customers on numerous areas of legal system as well as other administrative aspects of investing in United States.

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2024 Administrative Leadership

Mr. Mathew D. Friedberg is the firm's current leader, taking it from glory to glory. The firm's strength is due to its employees' ability to work together as a team to confront and address a variety of legal and administrative difficulties.

2014Reliable Firm

Became the first trusted law firm in United States and accross Europe for its immense kills in defence law practice.

2004 Numerous Awards (AJFA)

Among its many distinctions, the firm received a prestigious Access to Justice Fellowship Award for its competence in family law and other issues including Inheritance & Wills.


Partnered with individual attornys within United States and across Europe. The firm began at its disposal a group of lawyers with diverse experience and areas of expertise.

1984Expansion of our offices

Opened offices within United States. This uplifted the face of the firm and won us many cases.

1974 Founded by Mathew D. Friedberg

He is a member of the Bar Association since 1997 and the Special Bar Association of the Supreme Court since 2010.

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Mathew D. Friedberg

MDFLF Attorney

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Lorenzo Adams

Criminal Consultant

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Gloria Edwards

Divorce Consultant

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Josh Dunn

Litigation Consultant

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